Employment Equity

Recruitment procedures will be thoroughly evaluated and the record keeping, proof and procedures will be evaluated and discussed regularly


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  • Employment Equity:

    The act requires that the employer draws up an EE Plan for at least a period of 1 – 5 years. The EE Plan is but a systematic approach to the achievement of the numerical goals. Numerical goals are derived from the employer’s business plan, e.g. Future Growth of the organization and where such an organization would like to be in a period of 5 to 10 years. The 5 year plan is then divided into numerical targets, which means the employer have set out annual objectives to be reached. The achievement of the annual numerical targets combined, results in the achievement of the numerical goals.

    The act encourage employee consultation therefore the client needs to establish a EE Committee reflecting all categories within the organization and then have 4 EE meetings per year, one of our Skill Development Facilitator would preside the meetings to make sure all applicable procedures are followed correctly. The purpose of the meetings is to allow the flow/communication of information relevant to the promotion of equal opportunity and the elimination of unfair discrimination in the workplace.

  • Reporting

    • Collecting the relevant information before the 1st of October or before the deadline of the reporting period.
    • Submitting the relevant information to the Director General in the form of the EEA2 and EEA4 templates as per your employment equity plan and analysis.
  • Facilitating total compliance

    • Ensuring that the EE Committee forum was selected and informed as per the regulations of the Employment Equity Act.
    • Assigning an EE manager as per the regulations of the Employment Equity Act.
    • Indicating clear roles and responsibilities to all EE forum stakeholders.
    • Facilitating the mandatory quarterly meetings with the forum, the last of which has to include consultation on the completing of the Employment Equity Plan, barriers for the following year, analysis of the work force profile as well as any matter that arises from discrimination or issues reported to the committee members.
    • Compiling an Employment Equity plan as per the regulations of the Employment Equity act including the EEA 12 AND 13 templates. Work force profile, numerical targets, numerical goals and barriers will be analyzed and conveyed in the plan.
    • The work force profile gaps will be evaluated as per the economically active population of the province. Numerical targets and goals will be discussed with the consultative forum and will be in line with the gaps identified as per the EAP.
    • An audit on relevant policies and procedures will be conducted.
    • EEA1 templates will be evaluated as per the employment equity act before completing the Employment Equity Plan.
    • A quarterly audit will be done on the work force profile and suggestions will be made regarding the proof that will have to be submitted for deviating from the EE Plan.
    • Reports will be submitted to the director general in line with the plan that was completed. The reports in the form of EEA 2 and EEA 4 templates will be submitted on a yearly basis.
    • Recruitment procedures will be thoroughly evaluated and the record keeping, proof and procedures will be evaluated and discussed regularly.
    • Awareness to employees will be evaluated. The applicable notices and awareness programmes regarding ALL employment equity issues will be advised on and implemented.
    • Record keeping of an indexed file as per the prescribed format of the Director General.

Employment Equity

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