Labour Relations

Compile and issue all related contracts: temporary-, fixed term- and permanent employment contract


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Labour Relations


    • Full audit on all employees’ files at the workplace of the client
    • Compile & supply all letters of Employment offers.
    • Compile and supply temporary, fixed term, probation, permanent, employment contracts via your e-mail
    • We also negotiate with your staff whom was appointed without contracts initially to sign these contracts.
    • Supply all relevant required NOTICES on walls as per legislation
    • Monthly technical & legal telephone advice & support from DHRC and attorneys when required
    • Guide, compile & supply all related warnings in line with the Offence and possible penalties outcome as per Disciplinary Code
    • Chairpersons from DHRC would preside over all related hearings
    • Facilitation process for retrenchment consultation, documentation, meetings, agreements and calculations on severance pay
    • CCMA representation. You would be guided professionally and sufficiently even up to Labour court cases if needed.
    • Advise and facilitation on training when required
    • Assist and supply samples of the required information to guide our clients on the requirements of Dept of Labour
    • Advice with registration of the following: UIF (Unemployment Insurance Fund – Section 13 UIF Contributions Act), COIDA (Workmen’s Compensation Fund)
    • Supply copies via mail and /or hard copies of the required/relevant policies
    • Compile and issue all policies/procedures related to the disciplinary code for your staff via e-mail.
    • Supply related dismissal documentation via e-mail
    • Registration with our Employer’s organization related to CCMA cases (if applicable)
    • Compiling of documentation for preparation of all CCMA cases
    • Preparation time spent on administration before & after the processes for hearings, appeals, inquiries & disciplinary action are included in this service fee.
    • Strike management if needed.
    • DHRC would represent our client during negotiations or facilitate meetings with unions.
    • Notification would be given of any changes related to legislation applicable to the client’s sector
  • Our representation at the CCMA/Bargaining Council process includes the following

    • All required written communication, e.g. separation of con/arb processes…ext  to the CCMA
    • Pre-Conciliations and Conciliation representation
    • Pre-Arbitration and full de novo representation during the Arbitration process
    • Compile & supply required bundles of substantive evidence for related parties during CCMA case for arbitration process (ONLY when representing)
    • Preparation of witnesses for arbitration
    • Setup and representation of ‘In limine’ arguments and documentation

    Office Consultation/advice for individual CCMA cases.

Labour Relations

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