Skills Development

Job profiles of each occupational level (Sales department/technical department etc) are compiled with the various performance areas/interpersonal skills/experience, qualifications & technical knowledge needed for the occupational level.


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    • SETA transfer if applicable
    • SDF appointment with SETA
    • Appointment of training committee
    • Appointment of designated manager
    • Informational/training session
    • Monitoring of process (monthly/annually)
    • Attending one or two of the official four meetings with committee per annum
    • Submission of annual reports (ATR/WSP)
  • Annual Training Report (ATR)

    (Information needed for employees trained during previous 12 months):

    • Name and Surname of employees
    • Position
    • Gender
    • Race
    • Age group
    • Disability
    • Training attended (any, informal or formal)
    • Invoices for training done
    • Scarce Skills identified
  • Workplace Skills Plan (WSP)

    (Information for employees who would be trained during following 12 months):

    • Same info as above
    • Groups/individuals identified to undergo training for next 12 months
    • Scarce skills identified
  • Additional information needed as per SETA

    • OFO Codes must be identified and compiled
    • Learner ships if applicable
    • Internships if applicable
    • Skills Programs if applicable
    • Short Courses
    • Training budget – costing of training
    • Retrenchments
    • Disabled employees identified
    • Payroll Totals
    • BEE Certificate
  • Skills/Training reports

    • A template that must be completed on a monthly basis will be supplied. The template will supply us with all the relevant information to submit the Work skills plan and actual training report to the SETA in order to claim your yearly Mandatory and discretionary grants.
    • Your training will be evaluated as to split it into Pivotal and non Pivotal interventions. The interventions must be evaluated independently as to determine the NQF level as well as the type of programme. We also assist in this regard.
    • The reports and all the relevant documentation will be collected and submitted on the SETA system every year.
    • Your work force profile will be evaluated and split into the relevant OFO codes. The SETA system expects each employer to complete an entire work force profile per OFO code.
    • Scarce skills and training interventions will be suggested to the company as to ensure that the company benefits 100% through the grant system.
    • A training committee meeting will be facilitated and the minutes uploaded to the SETA system.
    • A training committee meeting will be facilitated and the minutes uploaded to the SETA system.
    • EMP201 reports will be collected and submitted to the SETA.

Skills Development

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