National Certificate: Generic Management in Wholesale and retail operations

A person acquiring this qualification will be able to manage first line managers in a wholesale and retail entity. First line managers may include team leaders, supervisors, junior managers, section heads and foremen.


What we can offer you

The focus of this qualification is to enable learners to develop competence in a range of knowledge, skills, attitudes and values including:

  • Initiating, developing, implementing and evaluating operational strategies, projects and action plans, and where appropriate, recommending change within teams and/or the unit so as to improve the effectiveness of the unit in a wholesale and retail entity.
  • Monitoring and measuring performance and applying continuous or innovative improvement interventions in the unit in order to attain its desired outcomes, including customer satisfaction, and thereby contributing towards the achievement of the objectives and vision of the wholesale and retail entity.
  • Leading a team of first line managers, by capitalizing on the talents of team members and promoting synergistic interaction between individuals and teams, to enhance individual, team and unit effectiveness in order to achieve the goals of the wholesale and retail entity.
  • Building relationships using communication processes both vertically and horizontally within the unit, with superiors and with stakeholders across the value chain to ensure the achievement of intended outcomes.
  • Applying the principles of risk, financial and knowledge management and business ethics within internal and external regulatory frameworks in order to ensure the effectiveness and sustainability of the unit in a wholesale and retail entity.
  • Enhancing the development of teams and team members through facilitating the acquisition of skills, coaching, providing career direction, and capitalizing on diversity in the wholesale and retail entity unit.
Unit standards covered in this qualification
NLRDUnit StandardLevelCredits
252037 Build teams to achieve goals and objectives 56
252029 Lead people development and talent management 58
252027 Devise and apply strategies to establish and maintain workplace relationships 56
252043 Manage a diverse work force to add value 56
252042 Apply the principles of ethics to improve organisational culture 55
252032 Develop, implement and evaluate an operational plan 58
252021 Formulate recommendations for a change process 58
120300 Analyse leadership and related theories in a work context 58
252036 Apply mathematical analysis to economic and financial information. 56
12433 Use communication techniques effectively 58
252026 Apply a systems approach to decision making 56
252044 Apply the principles of knowledge management 56
252020 Create and manage an environment that promotes innovation 56
252034 Monitor and evaluate team members against performance standards 58
252025 Monitor, assess and manage risk 58
252035 Select and coach first line managers 58
252022 Develop, implement and evaluate a project plan 58
252040 Manage the finances of a unit 58
12140 Recruit and select candidates to fill defined positions59
255498Manage cold chain processes in a wholesale and retail unit56
255499Manage shrinkage and losses in a wholesale and retail unit512
255497Manage stock holding procedures in a wholesale and retail unit56
255500255500 Manage procedures that increase the nett income of a wholesale and retail unit 5 858

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